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Our Wellness Journal

How Often Do You Get a Facial? Here’s Why You Should Do It Regularly

In between running errands and taking care of things, it’s easy to let your own beauty routine fall by the wayside. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin. In fact, getting facials on a regular [...]

Acupuncture Treatment: What Is It and How Can You Use It to Relieve Post-COVID Symptoms?

Two years in and multiple mutations of coronavirus variants later, the threat of the pandemic still looms large. Perhaps the only silver lining is that the latest variant, Omicron, is not as deadly as its predecessors. However, it is spreading [...]

Spa Treatments That Will Warm You Up This Winter

Winters seem to get colder every year now, don’t they? And as parts of Canada hit historically low temperatures, we can’t help but look forward to sunny skies and warm temperatures That said, there’s no need to wait until summertime [...]

Leela Eco Spa Opens Its First Location In Oakville Ontario

When Leela Eco Spa opened its first flagship space, the goal was to provide a tranquil retreat and give our clients the opportunity to unwind from their stressful lives. A few years and multiple wellness centers later, we’re thrilled to [...]

Why You & Your Partner Should Book A Spa Day Package For Your Next Date!

If you've watched movies, dined in restaurants, and taken cooking classes together, here's an idea for you and your partner: take your next date to the spa! Dimmed lights, relaxing ambience, soft music, wine — tell us this is not [...]

Calgary’s Favorite Eco Spa Opens Its Newest Location In Marda Loop

Been too busy for pampering and relaxation? Well, good news - we're bringing the Leela Eco Spa experience closer to you. With our new location in Marda Loop, you can enjoy our extensive menu of regenerative day spa treatments, right [...]

The Perfect Gift Idea For Fall & The Holidays: Spa Gift Cards and Gift Spa Packages!

If you're looking for the perfect gift idea for your friends, family, or significant other this fall/holiday season and can't think of anything else to get them...then maybe you should consider a spa gift card or a gift spa package? [...]

How Spa Therapy Benefits Mental Health And Wellness

2020 brought an unprecedented strain on our mental health and well-being.  We were optimistic for the first two weeks of staying indoors, sure. That gave us time to try out different sourdough recipes, rekindle (or discover) a love for plants, [...]

​​Want Soft And Youthful Skin? Get a Massage at a Spa

Do you want a more even complexion? Skin that is firmer? You absolutely do, right?  It may be necessary, though, to adopt a more proactive approach before making your way down to the beauty department. A good massage at a [...]

6 Types of Massage Therapies You Need To Know

Some people seem to believe that getting a massage is a luxury rather than a necessity. However, when you consider the benefits associated with it, you’ll be able to see massage therapy in a completely different light. Even after just [...]

Self Love In Covid-19

The pandemic brought with it a trail of chaos and confusion as most people tried to grip the reality of new habits. Now more than ever, for the sake of our wellbeing, we need to focus on taking good care [...]