Spa Treatments That Will Warm You Up This Winter

Winters seem to get colder every year now, don’t they? And as parts of Canada hit historically low temperatures, we can’t help but look forward to sunny skies and warm temperatures

That said, there’s no need to wait until summertime to enjoy some warmth. Here at Leela Eco Spa, whether it’s a massagefacial, body scrub, or body wrap, you’ll be pampered by warm, professional hands and emerge with a re-energized body. Giving yourself a midwinter glow is just one of the many ways you could show yourself some self-love, so try exploring these spa treatment options.

Turn Up The Heat With One Of Leela’s Hot Stone Massages

When it comes to a massage, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of heated stones being used to melt away your tension and stress. The therapist will use smooth, flat stones as an extension of their hands, working the heat deep into your muscles to help you relax.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love a hot stone massage:
1. Soothing heat penetrates deep into your muscles to melt away tension, stress, and pain.
2. The heat helps improve blood circulation and digestion.
3. Because it’s such a relaxing treatment, hot stone massage is an excellent way to enhance your restorative sleep.

Get Your Blood Flow Pumping With A Classic Massage

A massage is always a great way to unwind after a long day, and with good reason. As soft tissue is physically manipulated, circulation in your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems improves, and feel-good chemicals flood your brain as the rest of your body relaxes.

Our massage therapists usually offer holistic relaxation massages to relieve stress, but they may also use customized massage techniques that target specific problem areas on your body. As your therapist works to relax tight muscles, they’ll also be increasing blood flow around your body in order to promote relaxation throughout your entire being.

Need more reasons why you’ll love a massage this winter? Here are three:
1. The release of feel-good chemicals in your brain will help ease stress and tension.
2. It’s an excellent way to combat inflammation, especially when combined with other modalities like hot stone or aromatherapy.
3. A relaxing treatment is a perfect complement for a long day of holiday shopping or a stressful business trip.

Stay Glowing With A Facial Treatment

As you gradually release tension from within, you should also take steps to care for your skin. Even if you’ve got a moisturizing regimen, you may still end up with dryness and flakiness.

Between the extreme cold outdoors and the warm air indoors, you’re losing more moisture every day than you realize. Winter is a dry season, and it doesn’t help that fireplaces and forced-air heating speed up the evaporation of moisture and reduce humidity all around you. 

That said, here’s why your skin needs extra TLC this winter:
1. The cold, dry air can lead to dehydration and flakiness.
2. The harsh winter weather can cause premature signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.
3. The lack of sunlight can cause a deficiency in vitamin D, leading to lackluster skin.

Warm Yourself Up With A Spa Treatment At Leela Eco Spa

Spa treatments aren’t just for days when you want to relax and forget about your problems. Do yourself a favor this winter and get the nourishment your body needs at Leela Eco Spa. We offer all the treatments we mentioned and more! Contact us today and book an appointment.