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The pandemic brought with it a trail of chaos and confusion as most people tried to grip the reality of new habits. Now more than ever, for the sake of our wellbeing, we need to focus on taking good care of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Though we have been emotionally charged with anxiety, a positive outcome from COVID 19 is that it has allowed most of us to take a pause from the hectic lives we were living and focus on our overall well-being.

What Is Self-love

Self-love is the act of accepting your whole self as you are and taking good care of yourself. The focus of self-love is to boost the feeling of happiness and contentment within yourself. There are many ways of showing self-love to yourself, such as:

  • Cooking a special meal for yourself or taking yourself out for dinner
  • Getting pampered by having facials or massage therapy
  • Relaxing by reading or catching up with your favorite tv shows
  • Getting a full medical checkup
  • Spending moments on your hobbies such as gardening, painting, or baking

Self-love promotes a more relaxed inner nature and invokes feelings of contentment and happiness, which triggers inspiration and motivation to move on with life. Here at Leela Eco Spa, self-love and respect are part of our core values.

Why It Matters

To interact and have proper relationships with other people, you need to connect with yourself first by respecting, forgiving, and loving yourself as you are. Without loving yourself, you will be prone to poor relationships, abuse, and discrimination at work and social places, as you will feel unworthy of things and roles you deserve.

Self-love is very important as you will be able to embrace and value your self-worth. You will be able to set boundaries, pursue realistic goals and express your desires without difficulty. You will enjoy a better quality of life simply by putting yourself first and loving your whole self.

Is It Easy To Show Yourself Some Self-love?

Loving yourself may be a huge, almost impossible goal for some, especially those who have never had time for themselves but instead focus on caring for other people. We highly recommend starting the process with small acts of self-love. It will take some time to get used to the idea of pampering yourself but remember you are doing it for your wellbeing. Do not give up even though it is difficult to show yourself any form of care, especially during this trying period of Covid-19. At Leela Eco Spa, we strongly believe in making an effort every day to do something kind for yourself. It eventually adds up, and you will be so used to the idea of treating yourself without feeling any guilt or making excuses.

Ways Of Showing Self-love

Self-love is a vital practice people need to embrace. It does not have to be a high-end experience – it’s a matter of fitting in simple activities in your routine. You can show love to your body in many ways, such as:

Pamper Your Body

Love and take care of your entire body regularly. This will not only help your body relax, but it will also make you glow, and you will feel beautiful and re-energized to handle your days with grace and composure. Going for massage therapy is not the only way that you can pamper your body. Other ways include:

  • Getting a manicure and pedicure.
  • Getting facials, waxing procedures, and other appropriate skin treatments.
  • Visiting the dentist.
  • Soaking in a relaxing spa-like bath complete with essential oils and scented candles.
  • Getting a new hairstyle or hair color.

Hold off on Social Media

Social media is a good linking channel that eases communication. However, it’s vital to keep it off despite loving it since sometimes it is full of negative energy. In addition, some news on social media is disturbing and may affect your mental health, especially now during the Covid-19 era. Focus on yourself, try learning other hobbies, read a favorite book, check out a new recipe, etc. This way, you occupy yourself with more love doing away with toxicity.

Be On The Move – Get Outdoors

Yes, there are covid-19 rules you need to adhere to – that strictly instruct people not to use their local gyms. Nonetheless, that doesn’t limit you from stretching your feet around the estate or outdoor spaces. This is good exercise, especially for individuals living in areas surrounded by trees for that fresh breath. Toxins should be released from our muscles regularly, and body stiffness should be avoided. Also, you can engage in activities such as hiking, watching wild animals in the park, or even cycling. This enables you to change the environment, keep fit, and revel in nature. Skipping physical activities that keep you fit may expose your body to injury and muscle discomfort.

Go For Massage Therapy

Nothing beats the experience of lying down and getting a specialized massage from self-love boutiques such as Leela Eco Spa, an experienced and amazing spa services providers. Apart from fixing the aches that your body may have, massages will improve your body posture, boost your spirits and enable you to relax. Leela Eco Spa offers several types of massages such as cupping, hot stone, rapid reset, prenatal and hot&cold jade stone to cater to your body’s unique needs. We also offer couples’ massage therapy which will be a great choice if you want to bring a loved one. 


Don’t overwork yourself. Take time to relax and ensure that you have adequate sleep. While it is necessary to stay physically active every day, your body also needs time to recover. Sleep in during weekends or on days that you are not expected to get out early. Even during this period of Covid-19, there are many ways that you can rest, which include lying down, going for a leisure walk, or simply enjoying nature’s view and ambiance from a comfortable spot.

Keep-off Negative Self Talk

As much as the pandemic has turned the tables around, that doesn’t mean all is lost. Try and do away with the inner critic that may be branding you a “failure” based on your current situation, such as losing a job or your business failing.

Instead, think positively and change the perspective of your negative thoughts. For instance, think about how the pandemic won’t last forever – it’s set to pass, thus things will change for the better. As hard as it may seem, focus on the good stuff the pandemic has brought about.

Maintain Good Nutrition And Healthy Habits

Think about this – “Health is wealth.” So when it comes to your physical health, do not compromise. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet and keeping hydrated. This way, you boost your immunity and reduce the possibility of seeing a doctor any time soon. Also, stay away from toxic behavior such as drug abuse and unwarranted gambling to maintain your health status.

Learn A New Skill

Taking time to learn a new skill that could end up becoming your hobby is a nice way to show love to your being. Interesting skills that you could learn include:

  • Painting or drawing
  • Cooking
  • Music or dancing
  • Pottery or glass making
  • Learning and mastering a game such as golf or chess
  • Learning a new language
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How to keep it going

Set some time aside for self-love.

It can be hard to create time for yourself with all the responsibilities on your hands. Purpose to make yourself happy by scheduling time to do the things you love and those that make you feel upbeat about life. Depending on your lifestyle or work obligations, you can set up a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule where it will be all about you.

Be disciplined.

It will take discipline to stick to your self-love schedule. At first, it may not be easy and on some days, you may want to let it pass but focus on what you stand to benefit from when you are relaxed and happy and adhere to your schedule.

It is never too late to start showing some self-love to yourself. Simple actions every day will go a long way in boosting your confidence and outlook on life. If you are not sure of how or where to start, book a spa session today with Leela Eco Spa and indulge in one of our amazing massage therapy experiences specially created to love and care for your body.

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