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Our Story

Here at Leela, our commitment is to you and the society at large. We bring together the finest practitioners and well-sourced, 100% organic ingredients to give you only the best eco-friendly spa experience. We continuously strive to raise the bar for holistic, natural wellness through our massages, esthetic services, and other targeted bodywork treatments.

Our Mission, Our Values

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Leela Eco Spa is a green spa. We are committed to providing environmentally conscious experiences for our guests. Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of nature while respecting it at the same time. Leela supports businesses that promote sustainability by partnering with environmentally conscious companies.
We are proud to share that with all our eco-friendly initiatives in place, we have reduced our carbon footprint to a minimum and we continue to support projects to limit carbon emissions on a larger scale.

How Are We Eco-Friendly?

We use a filtration system for our water rather than disposable plastic bottles.
We use all-natural cleaners for the studio: borax, lemon juice, and essential oils are used for the floors, windows, and general cleaning.
Leela is also located in a LEED gold building that uses rainwater for the drain water system.
All our laundry done inspa uses Canadian base company @GOODJUJU Laundry strips. A plastic free, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free company based out of Vancouver. Together we have saved over 417 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream.
Our spa has paperless intake forms enabling us to save more than 1000 pages a month. This initiative back in 2015 took us more than 1200 hours, scanning more than 30,000 pages and a good amount of team effort to move. We encourage everyone to receive email receipts rather than printed copies. We continue to look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment

Our Team

RMT | Natural Medicine Practitioner | Calgary

RMT | Calgary
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Join Our Team

If you feel inspired by the same things that inspire us, believe in our values and mission, and want to be part of our fantastic team, visit our careers page and apply for open positions.

See Why People Love Us

"Leela is a beautiful spa, with a website that makes booking easy, and an environment with appropriate COVID protocol in place. I had a massage with Amanda, and she was phenomenal. She is very friendly, skilled, and communicated effectively throughout the massage. I highly recommend Leela for your next massage or spa treatment!"

- Zakk Trigg
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