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An environmentally conscious spa with a passion for holistic wellness and unforgettable experiences. We bring together the finest practitioners and well-sourced, 100% organic ingredients to provide world-class treatments for our beloved clients. We continuously strive to raise the bar for holistic, natural wellness through our massages, therapy, esthetic services, and other targeted treatments for the body and mind.

Our Mission, Our Values

Luxury wellbeing destination

Leela Eco Spa is a green spa. We are committed to providing environmentally conscious experiences for our guests. Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of nature while respecting it at the same time. Leela supports businesses that promote sustainability by partnering with environmentally conscious companies.

How Are We Eco-Friendly?

We are proud to share that with all our eco-friendly initiatives in place, we have reduced our carbon footprint to a minimum and we continue to support projects to limit carbon emissions on a larger scale.

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