Why You & Your Partner Should Book A Spa Day Package For Your Next Date!

If you’ve watched movies, dined in restaurants, and taken cooking classes together, here’s an idea for you and your partner: take your next date to the spa!

Dimmed lights, relaxing ambience, soft music, wine — tell us this is not the perfect recipe for a successful date. And if you can have the pros take care of you while you spend time together, what’s not to love?

It’s amazing what a day of pampering can do, both to you and your relationship. So, whether you want a romantic date night out or enjoy something together for your special occasion, we’ve got all the details as to why booking a spa day package at Leela Eco Spa is the way to go.

1) You get to spend quality time together.

Just think about your spa date as one full day dedicated to your relationship.

You’ll finally get to catch up on all those conversations you’ve been meaning to have. You can relax and talk about the future, your life goals, family, friends — whatever it is that’s on your mind!

And if you ever needed this time alone with each other (and we’re sure you do), then take advantage of this time to really listen and engage with one another.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in our daily lives that we don’t take the time out of all our busy schedules just to appreciate what it is about the relationship we love most. So, by making this spa day a priority, you’re not only telling each other how important the relationship is to you, but also how important it is to have quality time together. Did we mention that each of Leela’s locations provide a beautiful atmosphere so that you can really experience the ambiance together? If that is not a reason to book a spa package, then take a look at our next point!

2) You get to relax together.

Every relationship needs some downtime, right? We’re sure you’ll love this chance to finally take a break from your daily lives and just let go for an entire day — even if it’s only once in a while! There is nothing like pampering yourself (and each other) with the help of Leela’s professionals who know how to do this right.

In fact, science backs us up on this one. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, people who get massages experience lesser levels of anxiety and depression throughout their lives. Who wouldn’t want that kind of benefit for themselves and their partner?

3) Leela creates an intimate and peaceful atmosphere for two people.

There is just something so peaceful about Leela. Maybe it’s because of all that lovely soft music or how dimmed down everything seems to be, possibly the natural warm colour palettes of the walls? Leela has a variety of aesthetic benefits but there really isn’t anything like spending some quality time with your partner in a place where you can both relax and appreciate each other’s company.

And if you’re looking for a little romance, this is the perfect opportunity to take it slow without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around you.

A date at Leela gives your relationship an extra layer of intimacy and closeness — especially when things get difficult later on down the road! So don’t forget about how important this day is and make the most of every minute you spend together.

4) You can enjoy Leela Spa treatments that you love.

Whether your partner prefers the simplicity of a good back rub or the invigorating feeling of an aromatherapy facial, there’s something for everyone at Leela.

And don’t forget about the extras too! Whether you get hooked on getting your nails done or want to try out some new massage techniques, you can enjoy all these and more at Leela.

There is nothing like learning something new together while losing yourselves in each other’s company without any distractions from outside forces. It might seem like a small detail, but Leela is the number one provider for spa day packages for massages and other treatments.

5) You get to look and feel your best, for yourself and for each other.

We all know that day spas are where it’s at when you’re looking to relax. But day spas like Leela are where you can find some of the top beauty professionals ready to give your skin and hair a little extra TLC too.

Anything is possible when you feel like your best self! And we all know that when we’re feeling good, it’s much easier to show our partners the love they deserve!

Relax And Unwind Together At Leela Eco Spa

Want one more reason to book a day at the spa with your special someone at Leela? Leela Eco Spa offers spa day packages for you and your partner at 6 different locations across Calgary. Did we mention, we also just opened up a brand new location in Oakville! Purchase a package to enjoy amazing benefits like complimentary drinks and massages just for two.

For more information on spa day packages at different Leela Eco Spa locations, visit our website or please call our friendly staff today.