Why Leela?

Leela is a family of people who genuinely care about the well-being of the community and our society at large. We promise to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients, each time! Leela Eco Spa provides massages, esthetic services, acupuncture & osteopathy. The products we endorse are produced by natural, traditional methods and are cruelty free. We are proud to host Eminence Organics which is the only skin care line in the world that uses 100% certified organic ingredients in all its products. They are made of fruits, herbs and vegetables… and nothing else!

How are we green?

Leela is very proud to be an environmentally and socially conscious organization. We are committed to supporting green technologies and use products that are eco-friendly. Leela supports local businesses by partnering with environmental conscious companies like Green Start Recycle that gives us our monthly impact report and Bull Frog Power to promote 100% renewable energy. After all the eco-friendly initiatives, we have estimated our carbon footprint and purchased carbon offsets five times our carbon footprint to remain a carbon-positive facility. We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint organically and continue to support projects to reduce the carbon emission on a larger scale.

Some other cool earth-friendly stuff we do

We use a filtration system for our water rather than disposable plastic bottles.

We use all natural cleaners for the studio: borax, lemon juice and essential oils are used for the floors, windows and general cleaning.

Leela is also located in a LEED gold building that uses rain water for the drain water system.

We recently went ‘paperless’ enabling us to save more than 1000 pages each month. This initiative took us more than 1200 hours, scanning in more than 30,000 pages and a good amount of team effort. We are very proud of this accomplishment and are able to reduce our impact on the environment considerably.