Workspace Wellness Program

Leela Eco Spa is happy to introduce Workspace Wellness Program bringing Health & Wellness outside the spa to the workplace. Through the program, Leela Eco Spa will bring in experts to help guide your employees towards mental and physical fitness.

Why invest in Workspace Wellness?

Workspace wellness is a proactive way to reduce your health insurance costs and has a direct correlation to reduced sick days. A lot of the workforce is comprised of Millenial workers who really appreciate emphasis on wellness of their mind and body and by focussing on this, these workers are more engaged, productive and become ambassadors of your company.
In a modern urban world of today, very few of us can escape from “Stress”. We engage in many difference activities such as yoga, meditation, stretching, massage etc around our work to manage “stress”. By bringing these activities to the workplace, your employees will get access to the best very practitioners at work leading to very high employee retention and attraction. While this is a common “perk” or addition to workplace in places such as Silicon valley, it is still not very common in Calgary.

Why Leela Eco Spa?

We have a deep and rich experience in the Health & Wellness and serve thousands of clients each month through our 4 locations in Calgary. We are able to leverage this experience, experience and expertise to create wellness programs which we have seen to help people in leading a high quality lifestyle. These programs are not only designed by experts but are executed by experts too. Being a service-based business, we can only help as many people, so we undertake in limited programs so that our quality is never compromised. By accessing our staff and our professional connections, we are able to bring in experts for “Lunch and learn” talks on variety of topics such as stretching techniques, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, stress and demonstrating exercises in stretching and breathing, yoga and meditation and techniques for stress management and avoiding burnout.