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Zhichun Zhang

Acupuncture | Calgary
Dr. Zhichun Zhang, R.Ac. graduated from Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2018 and has been practicing TCM acupuncture since then. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the body as a whole system, so the initial consultation covers every aspect of patients’ health condition, even the diet, bowel movement, sleeping quality, etc. In her acupuncture treatments, Dr. Zhang treats the root causes while taking care of the symptoms. She always explains some basic TCM concepts to her patients as she finds that the treatments tend to be more effective when patients are given chances to understand what she is doing. Her specialty is all kinds of pain syndromes, headache, migraine, digestion problems, insomnia, emotion disorders, menstruation issues, menopause symptoms, etc. As a mom of 2, she is very into the TCM pediatric needleless acupressure treatments for our little ones to maintain good health. It’s extremely rewarding to see the kids’ beautiful smiling faces after the relaxing treatments. Dr. Zhang believes in human body’s great potential to heal itself, so she focuses her TCM acupuncture treatments on strengthening the miraculous power in each of her patients. She hopes to see more people benefiting from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.