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Tanjeet Sandhu

RMT | Calgary
My journey into the wellness industry began in 2003 when I started working as an esthetician. I have not stopped learning since then and have progressed into massage therapy. I am passionate about my profession and the healing power it can offer to my clients. I have a very customized and specific approach to my treatments. I bring a grounding and a nurturing presence, listen and let my hands feel what my client needs in that given time designing a focused treatment for them. I combine my clinical education and spa background to provide a thorough, soothing, rhythmic yet therapeutic and effective treatment. I incorporate techniques such as myofascial release, muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy, swedish relaxation and stretching. I also enjoy working with hot stones. I am certified in cupping and love to be able to offer the effectiveness of a cupping treatment to my clients. My clients often say “you have great hands”,”strong hands” “you have a healing touch”. I carry those words with me and do my best each and every time. My philosophy is if the body is relaxed and pain free the mind will follow. A relaxed mind equals a de-stressed and happier you!
lives in: Bridgeland & Beltline