Leela Ecospa - Susanne

Susanne Bingley

RMT | Oakville
Susanne has been a practising massage therapist for over 23 years, with both European and Canadian qualifications and work experience. She is an extremely professional therapist with an incredible passion for massage. Susanne believes that massage is an important beneficial component of every wellness journey and has the power to heal on physiological, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her career in the UK and here in Canada has given her the opportunity to work with a large cross section of people from athletes and musicians to corporate office workers, hospital staff, and hospice residents. She has run her own mobile chair massage practice providing treatments to office workers at their desks. She has accompanied a symphony orchestra on several European tours, as their senior massage therapist. Over the years she has given many lectures and presentations to increase awareness of massage therapy and its countless health and wellness benefits.  Susanne is highly skilled at providing treatments that address musculoskeletal complications whilst simultaneously reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Susanne considers it a privilege to walk alongside her clients as they continue on their path to wellness. She feels very fortunate to be a Registered Massage Therapist and is very pleased to be part of the Leela team!
lives in: Oakville