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Leela-Ecospa - Myra Isip

Myra Isip

RMT | Calgary
My interest in massage therapy began when a loved one with an autoimmune condition got very sick and was in a lot of pain. Giving gentle massage on sore parts of her body provided immense relief, reduced swelling, and provided calm and relaxation. Although there is great advancement in medicine for treatment of various illnesses, the healing power of touch provides complementary treatment in the healing of the body. After obtaining my massage therapy diploma, I worked for the Stillwater Spa Hyatt Regency Calgary and La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Islands. I specialized in Hot Stone, Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage. I am continually looking to improve myself by taking courses on other massage modalities. In my spare time I enjoy painting, hiking, a stroll on the beach, salsa and ballroom dancing.