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Leela-Ecospa - Michelle Snow

Michelle Snow

RMT | Calgary
Michelle Snow is a graduate of Mount Royal College, Massage Therapy Certification Program in 2004. She is recognized as a 2200 therapist and has been practicing massage for over 15 years. Michelle has worked and gained training locally and internationally, such as; Banff, Montreal, USA, and London UK. Throughout her experience, she has gained a unique style in which she massages with a purpose. Michelle treats the patient in a therapeutic style while still having her patients leaving the table relaxed and definitely refreshed. Her passion is infusing focused therapeutic techniques with the fluidity of relaxation/Californian style techniques. Ask her about her Californian style massage and she will know you read her bio! She enjoys cupping and therapeutic Hot stone massage as well. Michelle in March 2020 with be taking her certification in orthopedic massage, which means massage and movement, the application of massage therapy and physiotherapy. Michelle enjoys helping others and has a passion for understanding pathology and physiology. She continued her education into emergency medical services. She works at Alberta Health Services in the Calgary area as a Primary Care Paramedic.