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Jordan Cheyne

RMT | Calgary
Jordan graduated from Makami College with her 3000 hour advanced clinical program. She is genuinely passionate about holistic health and wellness, finding joy in activities like yoga, immersing herself in nature, and embracing a vibrant, active lifestyle. Helping individuals achieve a well-balanced, pain-free existence is her ultimate goal. Jordan is friendly and kind and strives to create a relaxing positive environment where clients can release any stress or discomfort, providing them with a comfortable and soothing experience. She employs various techniques tailored to address the root causes of each individual's concerns and create a treatment plan. She is qualified in Swedish massage, relaxation, deep tissue, cupping, hot stone, myofascial release, TMJ, lymphatic drainage, and various other spa techniques. Specializing in migraines, as well as chronic upper body pain and neck injuries, Jordan goes the extra mile by sharing at-home holistic remedies, ensuring her clients' healing journey extends beyond the massage room.