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Leela-Ecospa - BRITT ELDER

Britt Elder

RMT | Calgary
Britt’s training began at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) in 2017; from there, they would continue furthering their knowledge in Meridian massage; acupressure; cupping, Yoga; Shamanism and theatre arts (Durga’s Tiger School 2017). Swedish/Relaxation Orthopaedic Deep Tissue Meridian Acupressure Cupping It is her goal that each person she works with be given the tools and the care to help them improve their quality of life. All BIPOC and LGBT2QIA+ people are welcome to my table. She shares a personal drive in helping those affected by traumas or CPTSD that are impacted from being othered. Body work can be vital in finding a safe space within the body and is crucial to maintain self care of ourselves and thus our communities. Britt utilizes Eastern philosophy, and a fusion of massage styles to work with both physical and energetic concerns.