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A Filipina devoted Esthetician based in Calgary. Willah graduated in 2015 with honors at The Esthetic Institute Training Center. Her background in health care for 10 years as a Health Care Aide shows her passion with people. She is kind, gentle and caring soul exemplifies who Willah is. At Leela Eco Spa, she enjoys performing facials, body treatments, waxing, manicures and pedicures that gives amazing experience to her customers. Willah strives for self and professional development. As of 2020, her short term goal is to become a Certified Clinical Esthetician. And to own a business in beauty industry in the future is one of her long term goal. Willah also earned her Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma at Robertson College in 2016 that she believes will be a great asset to have as a business owner in the future. She is not only qualified in her field, but treats everyone with the care, attention and detail that she demands from herself to provide the best customer experience for all of her clients. Location: Boutique

Location : Boutique/Carrington/Greenwich

17th avenue