Jolaine St. Pierre (RMT)

Jolaine St. Pierre

I am grateful for many things in my life… among them is my desire to impart awareness, balance, wellness and recovery through my hands. I have been practicing massage since 2003 and continue to evolve with each new experience and insight. I welcome every opportunity to grow, be it through continued education or interaction with clients. My focus is consistently placed on assisting clients to aim for their optimum and unique potential, while respecting and restoring the body’s natural pursuit towards equilibrium and well-being. I view my role as a facilitator and teamwork as a vital component of a successful outcome. I am inspired by all those I have the pleasure of working alongside and am fortunate to be a part of the committed and caring Leela community! On a personal note, my passion for food (yes I mean dark chocolate!), loved ones (furry ones too!), and the great outdoors (have you hugged a tree today?) are the essence of my happiness and keep me endlessly celebrating this amazing life!