David Irving

David graduated from Mount Royal University massage therapy program in 2011. His techniques include a combination of sedating relaxation techniques combined with deeper, more therapeutic techniques in order to support the body’s natural healing function and improve quality of life. His style is based on myofascial release, a slower style of bodywork, in combination with deep tissue massage, cross-fiber friction, traction, and stretching, to create space in the body and release muscle tension. David also incorporates techniques from Shiatsu massage, releasing tension with the use of acupressure points. He is up to date with his knowledge on massage and his current modalities, while always looking for opportunities to learn more, seeing setbacks as life lessons and experience. He believes in having empathy and patience when it comes to giving his best massage treatment.

In his spare time, David enjoys keeping active, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, or on his yoga mat.