RMT | Natural-Medicine-Practitioner | Calgary

Annie Doan was trained and achieved the BSc (OMP) in Manual Osteopathy at the National University of Medical Sciences of Spain (NUMSS), and Clinical Massage Therapy at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary, Canada. Annie Doan also travelled to Thailand to learn Thai Traditional Massage and to the U.S to complete her certified lymphedema therapy program. Her passion is to help people to get back to a pain-free lifestyle. She believes that a pain free life is a happier life, and positive energy is contagious, which affects everything else in our lives. Annie Doan is specialized in chronic neck and back pain, stress relief, sport injuries, repetitive injuries, car accident injuries, acute torticollis, nerve root compression pain, surgical swelling, lymphedema, scar tissue removal, muscle spasm, prenatal massage, deep tissue & relaxation, TMJ dysfunction, and trigger point therapy. What is manual osteopathy? Manual osteopathy is a holistic therapeutic approach of combined gentle techniques that are used in multiple types of therapy including physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy. Osteopathy mainly focuses on the correction of body structure which helps in health disorders related to body misalignment: reducing pain and to help heal safely and effectively. Annie is a very friendly, kind, positive and high-energy outgoing person. She loves being active by doing yoga, jogging, going to the gym, salsa dancing and traveling.

Location : Bridgeland

17th avenue