Mobile massage brings the spa right to your doorstep!

We may not be able to provide you with all the same amenities however, with having the convenience and comfort of being in your own home we guarantee you’ll barely even notice the difference.

Mobile massage is perfect for those who have been injured and are unable to get around very well; the elderly, who require assistance for mobility; travelers, who just want to crawl off the massage table and right into their hotel room bed; or those who may not be entirely comfortable in public spaces during this time.

A Registered Massage Therapist will come to your home, set up in space that has been prepared for them by you the client, sanitize and disinfect their working environment for both their safety and yours, and then perform a general assessment where you can describe any pains, stiffness or issues you are having to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your treatment.

We offer direct billing to most insurance companies.*

We accept cash, e-transfer or most major credit cards.

You may book an appointment with us via phone, text, email or through our online Mindbody booking system.



60 Minute Customized Massage
$110 + GST
75 Minute Customized Massage
$135 + GST
90 Minute Customized Massage
$160 + GST
120 Minute Customized Massage
$220 + GST
60 Minute Cupping Massage
$125 + GST
75 Minute Cupping Massage
$160 + GST
90 Minute Cupping Massage
$175 + GST
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
$135 + GST
75 Minute Hot Stone Massage
$155 + GST
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
$175 + GST
120 Minute Hot Stone Massage
$255 + GST
60 Minute Prenatal Massage
$115 + GST
75 Minute Prenatal Massage
$135 + GST
90 Minute Prenatal Massage
$155 + GST

*Additional travel charges may apply for out of town appointments.*

*Direct billing is a courtesy service Leela Eco Spa provides and we cannot always guarantee that it will work. In the event we are unable to direct bill to your insurance company it is your responsibility to cover the full amount of the service.