Manicure & Pedicure Treatments in Calgary

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It is a common thing to take up some form of beauty treatments from time to time. Rather than looking at it as a way of spending the money, we can say that these beauty treatments would help in nourishing your body. In this regard, more and more people are now taking up spa treatments whenever they feel that their body is lacking the nourishment. Food can help to a certain extent and treatments like this can go the further mile of bringing in the relaxation and the nourishment that your body requires. Pedicure and Manicure are some of the best spa treatments that are being taken up by both men and women today.

Pedicure in Calgary

Pedicure consists of cosmetic treatments related to the feet and the toenails. Leela Eco Spa has been providing the service of pedicure in Calgary for people, especially to prevent the onset of some kind of nail disease or disorder. Quite contrary to the idea that pedicure treatments are being done for the nails, services that we provide at Leela Eco Spa deals with the complete exfoliation of the skin on the feet along with removal of dry skin cells using a pumice stone. Apart from this, we also provide several other treatments including callous treatment, foot massage and treatment for cracked skin in the heel of the foot.

Manicure in Calgary

Similar to pedicure, manicure treatments deal with the treatment of the fingernails and the skin on the hands. Leela Eco Spa is a licensed spa centre at Calgary and we have been providing all the related services for manicure in Calgary. As a nail salon in Calgary, we provide a wide range of service when it comes to manicure treatments. Some of the treatments include removal of dry skin cells from the hand and moisturizing the skin, removal of ingrown nail, shaping and filing, and clipping of any kind of dead cuticle tissue present close to the nail. We use all kinds of nourishing and medicinal oils for our treatments and help you get back the shine that fingernail has lost in the years.

Why Leela Eco Spa

Leela Eco Spa has grown to be one of the best nail salons in Calgary. Our services have been taken up by many and we have a reputation for providing the best when it comes to enriching spa treatments. We make use of premium quality essential oils and other accessories for all our pedicure and manicure treatments. Many of our clients are women from Calgary, who keep coming back to use and avail all our services.
One of the reasons why we are being sought after by women in Calgary for their manicure and pedicure treatments is that, we see the nails as a canvas on which we can create our masterpiece. This helps us to create wonders through our services and you get to stay on par with the latest trends when it comes to nails, when you choose our manicure and pedicure treatments. For more news about our services, you can follow us on and can take a look at the services that we provide for women in Calgary.