ISPA 2016

Leela Eco SpaMassage, Spa

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend iSpa 2016 event in Las Vegas. The event was held from Sep 12-15 at the Venetian and provided us with the perfect platform to learn and interact with other spa professionals from around the world. iSpa is an umbrella organization for Spa professionals and holds an annual expo and conference showcasing the new products and services at one place.

At this event, Amy and I met a few spa directors and discussed operational challenges and opportunities, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences while making new friends. We attended a few seminars including how to craft spa brochures, how to elevate happiness in the organization (by Eminence founder Bouldejarre) and how to enable effective marketing to attract and retain customers and to help in increasing the spa bottom line. While we learnt a lot from these talks, we got an amazing insights on the new products and services in the market from the expo. From the expo, we got to experience and learn about the new products which will help in increasing the spa experience of our clients. We aim to bring in several new products from this expo which aligns with our values and offering! Some of the things we will be looking into are some amazing candles (and new scent from Italy), potential new therapy based on salts, new supplier of high quality massage table linen and robes, new supplier of organic skin care line, new massage technique which enables deep relaxation and maybe a new CRM! Be on the lookout for these new products at our spa soon!

The highlight of our trip was our ride on the Big Shot at the stratosphere – something which I have always thought I’d do but didn’t until Amy convinced me to! All in all, we had a lot of fun in the trip, made some very good friends and strong connections in the spa industry and will be able to refresh our spa with some new offerings soon!

We cant wait for the next iSpa event.