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Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial

Holistic facials are gaining more attention these days, and it’s no wonder why. They involve treating the skin and the individual as a whole rather than being separate.

Our state of mind has an immense effect on our skin and overall health and what we consume mentally, physically, emotionally, shows up externally.

This is what led Archana Lodhia, at Leela Eco Spa in Oakville Ontario to create Glow Within Meditation Facial.

Being a holistic aesthetician and a Reiki master for 17 years, she has combined her passion and experience of holistic organic facials, meditation, personal growth, and intuitive healing together.

Glow Within Meditation Facial includes multiple holistic elements which include:

Sound bowl Healing

Everything has a vibrational frequency that affects us in a positive or negative way. The sound frequencies help slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative state which activates the body’s system of self healing.

Gua Sha Facelift Massage

Gua Sha is a natural and ancient Chinese healing technique that helps promote the flow of “chi” or energy in the skin. It reduces puffiness, brightens and softens fine lines and wrinkles and also promotes lymphatic drainage.

Immersive Meditation

Your skin is like a mirror, it reflects your state of mind. Fear, stress and worry are often the root cause of most skin issues, therefore meditation is a great practice that brings a sense of peace, calmness and awareness. Immerse yourself in a 25 minute guided meditation which will help you focus on your energy.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique which calls on universal healing life force energy, or chi, and helps restore you on a cellular level. We all have energy fields that support our health and vitality. And when those are blocked, it can cause disharmony in the body. Reiki helps clear out these blockages and moving the energy for the greater good. Enjoy the benefits of Reiki healing while listening to your guided meditation.

All these healing modalities, combined with Eminence Organics Gemstone collection creates a unique experience that will transport you into a deep state of relaxation which will enhance your well being and give you an inner and outer glow.

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