Calgary Place Location Reviews

July 7 2020

Great RMTs here and they were practicing good COVID prevention measures.

July 5 2020

Easy online booking, efficient check-in, comfortable and relaxing setting, and most of all great massage! It felt awesome after 4 months of confinement and built-up stress. Samira had impeccable technique, I felt so much better after the massage!

June 29 2020

Under the new phase 2 guidelines, I was curious how a massage would be done. Answer, exceptionally well. Personal hygiene and comfort was paramount. Massage was fantastic! After 4 months without a massage this one was needed And it was done perfectly.

March 10 2020

Always great service and excellent therapists. I have been going here for over a year and never had a bad experience. Thanks!

Feb 22 2020

Always great service and excellent therapists. I have been going here for over a year and never had a bad experience. Thanks!

Feb 19 2020

Pleasant experience with Tomako customizing the service to address the issues. Jaclyn was helpful and quick in helping to claim the health coverage on spot.

Feb 15 2020

I had a fabulous experience while here. One of the best massages of my life and the ladies here were so friendly and accommodating. I’ll be making it one of my regular stops when I am in Calgary 😀

Feb 11 2020

Great experience overall. I highly-recommend Annie for massage therapy; she’s my favourite therapist in Calgary.

Feb 8 2020

Me and my wife got the best couples massages. Watch out that you tip on the full amount of the massage. I tiped on the remainder of the bill after the direat billing so I need to scoot by again and drop off the rest of the tip because they deserve it!!

Feb 5 2020

We went for a couples massage. We both agreed it was one of the best massages we’ve ever received. We will definitely be back!

Dec 22 2019

I highly recommend Ashley McElgunn at the Calgary Place location. I see her for a therapeutic massage. I enjoy a deeper massage and she always does a great job!!

Dec 19 2019

Appointments have been very easy to book online with convenient times. The location is convenient for someone working or living downtown. Rooms are pleasant and the table warmers are a nice touch. I have gone to a few different RMTs at this location and they have all been professional, skilled and kind. Direct billing as well is a great feature. Thank you for the great massages so far!

Dec 15 2019

I went for a couples massage and my massage therapist was Katrina and my boyfriend had Joy. Katrina was amaaaaaaaaazing. She made sure I was comfortable with the pressure at all times and provided such a relaxing massage. She customized my massage based on my concerns and even used a little bit of cupping on me. My boyfriend really enjoyed his thai massage from Joy.

The facilities were very clean and we were offered water/coffee/tea promptly upon arrival. We will definitely be coming back!

Dec 14 2019

I was previously treated well by Ashley McElgunn at Leela Spa’s old location so after suffering with severe neck and pack pains for over a week, I decided to visit again.

Ashley was personable and professional as usual which immediately helped to reduce my tension. The treatment itself was very relaxing with the right amount of pressure applied to my problem areas. Within two days of my treatment, I experienced a noticeable significant reduction of pain.

The new location is still easy to access via the Plus15 and the space is comfortable. I will definitely visit again soon as I try to do better at scheduling personal health maintenance.


Dec 12 2019

First time there, and got an amazing massage from Tomogo (apologies if I spelled your name wrong). My wife said hers was excellent as well from Annie. They don’t pay these two women nearly enough.

Dec 10 2019

Everyone at Leela Eco Spa was very nice and professional. Would come back again sometime. I highly recommend 🙂

Nov 28 2019

I’m very much satisfied with their services kudos to the massage therapist Jamie Dunlop.

Nov 25 2019

Every therapist, every treatment, every appointment are consistently of the highest quality at Leela Eco Spa – Calgary Place. The reception staff are friendly and fast, the online booking system is thorough and outlines the vast array of therapies available. I have been treated by Mynga To for a year now, scheduling semi-monthly appointments for pain relief and general maintenance. Mynga’s intentional and inquisitive approach to osteopathy and massage have helped me increase mobility and performance in the gym and at the office. My wife has started scheduling appointments with Mynga as well. I’m so very pleased that we found Mynga because we really think she has superpowers!

Nov 20 2019

Leela Eco Spa has convenient hours, accomodated me same day for a massage and the therapist was experienced and talented.

Nov 15 2019

Great massage at a reasonable price and direct billing of insurance for convenience.

Oct 25 2019

Leela Eco Spa is a great place where you ou can get a great massage! Adam and Ashley are very professional massagers! Totally recommend and will be back!

Oct 20 2019

It was a really nice spa and I had an amazing time.I actually was late 5 min and the receptionist was helpful as she directed me to my therapist just when I came in. Thanks for the good service, keep it up.

Oct 18 2019

Outstanding service and took care of Veterans Affairs for me! 10 stars!

Oct 15 2019

I had a wonderful experience at Leela Eco spa. Sam were was ver professional. Being my first time, I was pleasantly surprised in a good way. Will definitively go back there and yes I recommend this spa.

Oct 12 2019

Amazing service, polite and smiling stuff 🙂

Oct 10 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my entire first-time experience at Leela Downtown. From accommodating my same-day massage request to the enjoyable waiting room area and service. Both the front-desk lady and my therapist were so welcoming that I really look forward to my next visit. The massage therapy that Jamie did was perfect – strong and deep, alleviating a lot of tight muscle pain and stress, not to mention the easy and enjoyable conversation we had for the entire hour. I really enjoyed my whole experience and will be back for more, so long as Jamie still practices there. She’s an asset to Leela.

10 Months

My friend referred me to Leela for a Pre Natal
Massage and it was magic. Jamie gave me the best massage I’ve had in years. My former MT went on leave for Bursitis and I’ve been searching for the right fit since. I’ve found her! The Downtown location is awesome for popping in during the workday since I already have a little at home. So happy!

10 Months

We were fortunate to book an appointment on short notice and it was a great experience. While their space is small, it is well utilized and very comfortable. Most importantly, our massages were lovely. Just the right amount of pressure and focused on the stress spots. I wish I lived closer to be able to visit regularly.

10 Months

Had a couples massage on short notice and it was fantastic. Friendly front desk staff, amazing RMTs, great ambience, nice smelling, and felt completely zen when it was done. If I could come back every day I would.

10 Months

Amazing experience.. I had neck pain n it was great relief to get massage therapy done here.

10 Months

Annie Doan is an amazing massage therapist. I work out 6 days a week (sometimes 2x per day) and my body is a wreck by the end of the week. The only person that I trust to loosen my muscles is Annie. She knows exactly what to do to alleviate any tension and heals my injury plagued areas. By the next day, I’m ready to crush another 6 days of head workouts thanks to Annie!

10 Months

EXCELLENT experience! Everyone was awesome and the massage was great … therapeutic and I’m sore but I know it got rid of the knots and tension that was causing me headaches. Will definitely go back!

10 Months

Annie (Thi Thu Hien) Doan is one of the best massage therapists I have met in Calgary. She knows how to tenderize muscle, stretch stiff muscle, and respond to sensitive injured areas. Top quality massage. Good things come in small packages!

10 Months

I really enjoyed my experience here. Myphuong was great! She asked questions, targeted my trouble areas and gave advice to help prevent issues in the future.
Will definitely book another appointment soon!

10 Months

Meghan F. is awesome, knows when not to press too hard matched with a bubbly personality makes for a great experience.

Keep it up! See you soon.

10 Months

What an amazing place! Adam is always the best

10 Months

The new location is beautiful and the massage rooms are quiet. Everyone is very professional and kind. I see Jamie for my massage and she is absolutely amazing!

10 Months

Awesome place for relaxing after or in between work right in +15. Ask for Jamie

Year ago

I had an Osteopathy Assessment with Mynga and found her friendly and knowledgeable. She had a professional manner and was very skilled at her profession. I will definitely be going back. Also, found the rest of the staff at Leela Eco Spa welcoming and I loved the atmosphere of the spa.

Year ago

Good location, great therapists, and well priced.

Year ago

Friendly staff and good service. Myphoung Santos is a great therapist.

Year ago

The cupping massage was too good. Friendly staff and efficient RMT. Worth spending the money.

Year ago

A wonderful and relaxing massage… would totally recommend Leela Eco Spa.. staff is always so nice!!… love going there!!

Year ago

It was one of the best therapeutic massages I have ever had.

Year ago

Kara was amazing! The aroma therapy and hot towels are nice touches. Love the direct billing.

Year ago

Very convenient location and always able to accommodate my last minute requests.

Year ago

I was able to get in for a last minute customized massage with Adam. I’m happy to say this was the best massage I’ve had in Calgary. The atmosphere and ambience were great and the cost is very lower for what they offer. I highly suggest a visit to this Leela Spa attached to the International hotel.

Year ago

Excellent massage!!! Perfect pressure and concentrated on my neck and shoulders where I needed the work.

Year ago

Was to Osteopathic Mygna for the second time.Since almost all my family members had been going to her regularly so I had no choice to stay lazy when pain does not get diagnosed.
Let my better half tell her story how physicians were helpless to cure her and now she is cured 100 pc.
Earlier the way wife (who is herself a science teacher) explained me how well Mygna, knows her subject made both of us to suggest to so many acquaintances (probably 25 in 3 months) to consult her.
And to see them relieved of pain was very satisfying.A beautiful lady to mention one,with no pain left,vested to thank us and hugged me though in her religion that is less accepted.
One of my other friend even said there is no need to tell Mygna where is the pain.She will touch your body and will know on her own.
Telling my own story,while getting myself treated from her about my pain on right side of back(in this second visit) ,I casusally mentioned her that there is pain at the lower abdomen which I was rationalizing myself as if I am to get operated now for Hernia.
You will see that once you tells her ,her brain after listening takes to the right spot.And man even that pain has gone.
And above she is down to earth lady who loves what she is doing and can speak endless on the subject she loves. Till wife did not get herself treated from her it was a fact that since I did not understand alternative medicine so it was pseudoscience.
I have grabbed the visiting cards of all those RMPs in eco Lella.And exploring more on their field.
My regards for the owner has increased multi fold as he probably looks for the best person in each field and gives them laissez faire environment to work independently.
My praising Mygna is not to under estimate other professionals visiting the spa as I have been only to her.You guys need to give me feedback in return to whom so you visit.
[I have taken my 93 years old dad to Adam once and he too sounds pretty good.] To end I may say there is no complacency and to move forward and:
Had I been in place of the owner I would have been planning to open an Osteopathic institute in long run where Mygna is a visiting professor giving lectures to medical professionals.Before that I would have put her mutiple lectures videos on you tube for awareness of what she does.
The review I have given as a layman and I will ask my wife to supplement it but independently with her bio.background.

Year ago

Coming in to see Eri at Leela Eco Spa for a massage is a wonderful experience! She is very skilled and also has a great personality. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend Eri if you are looking for a great RMT in Calgary.

Year ago

Come here for massage. Awesome therapists

Year ago

Great place to get a good massage, I love going to Meghan – she really knows her job well and super friendly. I recommend this place for sure.

Year ago

Great massage and great staff

Year ago

Love going to Leela. It’s relaxing, the people are great, and Meghan is amazing! Super glad I found this place 🙂

2 Years ago

Brilliant place. Very friendly staff with an awesome service.
Highly recommend it.

2 Years ago

Felt really relaxed after amazing massage here today. Highly recommend.

2 Years ago

Perfect location to have a relaxing massage on lunch break. Tami was amazing!!! Definitively one of the best kind masseur that ive ever met.

Ask for her when you book an appointment. She is very caring and knows the art very well.

2 Years ago

I’ve been getting a massage from Tami every 3-4 weeks now for about the last 6 months and would highly recommended her service. I usually get a sports massage and Tami helps keep me in top shape so I can keep up with my training.

2 Years ago

The staff were considerate, nice and responsive to the clients needs. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, including the rooms to create a relaxing, quiet setting

2 Years ago

Very pleasant and tons of amenities compared to other places. There is a locker room to store your stuff and towel / robe provided. Facilities for shower after massage is a great touch. Coffee/tea/water and light snack provided. Excellent lounge area and very professional staff. Will even direct bill your services provider. 100% recommend.

2 Years ago

Great massage, friendly knowledgeable staff, relaxing calm environment, flexible times.

3 Years ago

The front end staff was well as my MT were amazingly friendly, and made me feel special! They were bright, cheery & warm. The MT was super attentive and accommodating, i feel fabulous!

3 Years ago

Wonderful and easy. Therapists were thourough and left walking out like a million dollars.

3 Years ago

Leela is a beautiful spa, convenient location, excellent massage service and friendly staff! I’ve already been sharing the experience with friends. Definately going back!

3 Years ago

very pleasant stuff and cosy atmosphere