Best Waxing Treatments in Calgary

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Waxing treatments have become highly popular among the people, especially among the women. Removal of unwanted hair from the body has become a necessity for many, when they wish to wear dresses that are bit short in length. Also, men and women both take up these spa waxing services in Calgary, especially when they plan on visiting the beach. Hair growth on the body does not give a good sight to look at, when you wish to wear short dresses to a party or for just a simple day out. This is where Leela Eco Spa steps in. We are well known for our, and you can be rest assured that you are in the hands of the professional.
Leela Eco Spa’s fame owes its thanks to the special Brazillian wax service that we provide to our clients. The specialists at our spa offer the waxing services in a private, yet comfortable setting, to make sure that our clients feel relaxed while getting the waxing done. Several of our clients keep coming back to us for our Brazillian wax services, as this particular method of waxing does not cause any swelling or reddening of the skin surface, unlike few other methods. This method has the power to remove even the most stubborn hair without making the surface feel sore. This method is completely effective and considered to be the best hair removal technique at our outlet in Calgary.

Our Services

Coming to the range of spa waxing services in Calgary, we cover all the basic types of waxing requirements that our client requires. The list of waxing services that we cover at our spa include,

  • Leg Wax:

For women, who wish to flaunt your legs in those pair of short denims or skirts, this is the right technique for you! The Brazilian waxing technique is provided for this service along with other special essential oils to make sure that you feel at ease while getting your legs waxed. The leg wax service covers the entire region from the upper thigh to the ankles.

  • Chest Wax:

If you plan on wearing that low cut tops or a tank top for a simple day out, chest wax is here to help you. The entire chest area is covered, right from the upper shoulder region till the abdomen.

  • Arm and Underarm Wax

Underarm hair can be a mood killer, especially when you plan on wearing a sleeveless top to a party. Our spa makes sure to do a complete job when it comes to arm and underarm hair removal. This is helpful for people who have the body condition where hair grows on their arms and underarms more than the usual.

  • Bikini Wax:

The bikini wax treatment involves the removal of the pubic hair from the private parts. We ensure extra safety for this treatment more than the other waxing treatments. This is the perfect technique if you wish to get into that bikini for the day at the beach.
Now that you know about our spa waxing services in Calgary, visit our outlet if you are looking for a professional to enjoy the best waxing experience you can ever have in all of Calgary.