With so much to tackle when it comes to sports, athletes are in constant need of therapeutic massages that would help them to get back on the track after strenuous activities. It is common for them to look forward to having these massages before and after they play their respective sports. Though the physical trainer of these athletes would be able to provide them with the range of physical activities to play their sport better, the therapeutic sport massage will go the extra mile of strengthening their core and in relieving the stress build-up before and after the game.

Be it any sport, the sports massage in Calgary offered by Leela Eco Spa happens to be the first choice among the sports people. Offering the exclusive Leela Experience to the therapeutic sport massage, the following types of massages are offered to the athletes under this category.

  • Pre-event massage:

    It is natural for the athlete to get stressed before the big game. Under the pre-event massage, the massage therapists at Leela Eco Spa help them in relaxing their tensed up muscles to make sure that they are able to play better during the game. The massage therapy will help in increasing the flexibility and also the endurance of the person. This way, the athlete is able to concentrate better during the game time.

  • Post-event massage:

    Athletes have the tendency to sprain their muscles or face some injury during their game. Also, the strenuous activity will leave their muscles sore and weak. To regain the lost strength and to get rid of the injuries, the post-event massage is provided as a part of the sports massage in Calgary.

  • Restorative massage:

    Physiotherapy will be able to work to an extent for serious physical injuries and the person would require some additional help in the form of massages to get back the muscle strength. For instance, if a sportsperson met with an accident either on the field or due to unforeseen reasons, his body stamina and his muscle strength is sure to go weak. To help people recoup themselves from these situations, the restorative massage will help a great deal.

  • Pre-event massage:

    With these different types of sports massage being offered by Leela Eco Spa, one must know the benefits that one can reap out of these massage packages. These massages simply do not fix the weak muscles or build your stamina, but they go the extra mile of building your core strength. Stress and injury can bring down the confidence of the sportsperson, but with therapeutic sports massage, they will be able to get back what they have lost on the field.

    The massage through cupping therapy is slowly gaining popularity. Under this, a small suction is created and placed on the skin of the person. an ancient form of alternative medicine, this cupping therapy helps in managing pain, getting rid of inflammation and also regulates the blood flow. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a deep tissue therapy and the registered massage therapists at Leela Eco Spa will guide you to get the best out of the Leela Experience.