Acutonics is a vibrational form of sound therapy used to correct health imbalances, facilitate inner harmony, and relieve stress, pain and anxiety. This gentle technique involves the use of various tuning forks on the body surface to transmit different vibrational frequencies deep into the body.
The vibrational frequencies are propagated rapidly inside the body since sound travels four times faster in water – our body’s main constituent. The different tuning fork frequencies are intended for different purposes. For example, certain tuning forks are designed to emit frequencies that counteract pain and others to calm.
These tuning forks provide painless, non-invasive and deep access into the body. These tools can be applied on acupuncture and acupressure points, chakra energy systems, as well as bones, muscles, and the circulatory systems.
Acutonics can be easily incorporated into a massage treatment. During a massage treatment, it helps relieve pain and loosen up muscles, making it easier to work on tender areas.